Youth service and facility @ Southeast Christian Church. #coveting #dreamsofayouthleader #jealous (Taken with Instagram)

Southeast Christian Church. This place is rediculus! But awesome #megachurch #churchmansion (Taken with Instagram)

Eastern Kentucky University Colonels Football (Taken with Instagram)

Teenage bible quizzing is blowing my mind right now. These kids know more than most clergy and make me feel like an idiot (Taken with Instagram)

Easter Kentucky University #momentum2012 (Taken with Instagram)

Did you check my blog? I'm just some anonymous Christian.. Church? My church didn't come, I tried to get the youth group to come.. But I invited all my followers with multiple posts about it and tried to get several to come.. wasn't successful.. But oh well.. I'm Steve - Ill be happy to show my face and name in person here somewhere, but we're registered as church va102 even though it's just me and my 2 kids. We're in the guys dorm 16th floor room 1616 but say before you knock pls :-)

Hey Steve, well if you see a big tall guy walking around with a Toronto Blue Jays hat on, introduce yourself, it’d be cool to meet you dude. I hope your enjoying your weekend! What church do you go to?

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Aww hello pretty girl you cutie girl sweet heart (Taken with Instagram)

Perhaps next year we will have more than 2 people tagging on Tumblr :-) Hope your group comes next year, it's my first year since I was a young teen myself but it's as good an event as ever.. God Bless..

Yeah totally! whats your name? whats the name of your church?

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Hi, do you know if anyone else here is on Tumblr? Hope you / your group are having a blast and learning a ton for Christ. God Bless - Great to find someone else on Tumblr at the conference..

Hey follower of Jesus aha no I don’t know if anybody else is on tumblr! If we brought our group down from Canada then there would be a whole lot on tumblr, but I just came down with the youth pastor to check things out. I am havin a great time and learnin some cool things! It’s a blessing to be a part of this greater fgbc family

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