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Tim Keller, The Reason For God

"If you have known many wise, loving, kind, and insightful Christians over the years. And if you have seen churches that are devout in belief, yet civic minded and generous. You will find the intellectual case for Christianity much more plausible. If on the other hand the preponderance of your experience is with nominal Christians (who bare the name but don’t practice it) or with self-righteous fanatics, then the arguments for Christianity will have to be extremely strong for you to concede that they have any cogency at all."

Awesome week spent with the worship pastor @andrebrewster and his amazing family. Whatta blessing! (Taken with Instagram)

Happy Birthday @nonononoel !! I know you missed my face so here is my face as a gift to you. Be blessed! (Taken with Instagram)

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Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden @ Indian Wells, Palm Springs. (Taken with Instagram at Renaissance Esmeralda)

New view from my new room! (Taken with Instagram)

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View is deese. Room is dope. Resort is beautiful. And it’s 105 degrees f. #palmsprings (Taken with Instagram)

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Just had lunch with this Freeking legend! ladies and gentlemen, Billy Snashall! #andthecrowdgoeswild #goodfriends (Taken with Instagram)